Island wide container trucking including Jurong Island

We have a strong network in Singapore, covering island wide locations including Jurong Island. With our own significantly large assets of Prime Movers, trailers, and heavy duty container handlers, this put us ahead in the market to provide flexibility on handling different kinds of jobs. Our clients are able to achieve and maintain a strong position for further business growth and optimizing business processes.

ISO Tanker
Cross border to Malaysia
Non containerized Cargoes / Out of Gauge Cargoes

Yard Storage Facilities

We are one of the very few companies that owns container, odd-sized cargoes and reefer container holding areas in various part of Singapore. This gives our clients strong advantages in cargo and inventory management. We are able to assist our clients in quick fix on temporary storage at any time.

Odd-size cargoes
Project cargoes
Reefer plug points

Supply of Equipment

Ability to supply sufficient equipment needs of our clients has always been greatest strength. Unlike most transportation companies in Singapore who needs to rent equipment, we are able to provide fast versatile solutions as well as competitive rates to clients.

Lorry Crane
Mobile crane for lifting (Project cargo)
Canvas Containers


Project cargo


Disposal handling
& AVA / NEA escort


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